A Bit About Me

Hello! My name is C.L. Suggs and Welcome!

I am a Author, Minister, Counselor, Life Mentor and Entrepreneur whose work explores wellness and spirituality. The author of several books, I'm also the host of the podcast Mental and Love Notes: 101 and an Idiosyncratic Life Coach for Change Requires Change.

When I look at my hands I often consider the story of Moses. When he was asked, "What’s that in your hand?” When the Lord asked him that question, the only thing in Moses’ hand was a staff. Nothing major just a piece of wood. God implemented a tool of Moses’ trade to delivering thousands of people. If you have been called to write, God wants to use what's in your hands as well.

Remember, you are the captain of your ship, you are the commander to lead yourself to success. You have to wake up everyday with a clear purpose on attaining your goals. Get up and rise to the challenge of life and say yes, I can do this! I have been called to do this! Let me help you in your writing journey to complete your assigned task at hand.


  1. Prepare yourself for the work,
  2. Build a strong foundation,
  3. Develop your work,
  4. Create your voice,
  5. Select a genre,
  6. Consider your audience,
  7. Dealing with marathon in the middle, and
  8. Understanding legal actions

BONUS: We will actually get started on your book!

  1. Editing and illustrating,
  2. Library of Congress,
  3. Publishing,
  4. ISBN number,
  5. Printing book,
  6. Generate marketing ideas,
  7. Website information, and
  8. Monetizing your brand

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